Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Quartet consist of?

A String Quartet consists of four players comprising 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 ‘cello.


What kind of sound can I expect from a Quartet?

The sound produced is an acoustic string sound (no loud brass or woodwind instruments) and can be very effective as gentle background music.  All instruments used are acoustic and we are 100% natural with no electrics in sight!


Do you use a PA system?

We do not normally use a PA system but it can be arranged.  It is not usually necessary for parties up to approx 150 guests.


What kind of music do you play?

Our repertoire consists of a wide range of music which includes popular classical pieces such as Bach Air on a G String and Handel’s Arrival of the Queen of Sheba right through to the lighter side of things which include Gershwin, Cole Porter and popular Show Tunes.  We also have arrangements of pop songs.  Please feel free to browse our extensive repertoire list.


What if we have a special tune that we cannot see on your repertoire list?

If the piece of music is easy to arrange or downloadable from the internet then most of the time we are able to arrange it for string quartet and play it on your special day.  However, we do need plenty of notice for this to be possible.  If, however, the piece is more complicated we would need to have a professional arrangement which would cost an additional £40.


How much room do you need to be able to play?

Due to the nature of the instruments we need plenty of arm room and room in front of each of the four players to fit a music stand.  We ask that an area of approximately 2 metres x 3 metres be supplied for us to be able to play comfortably.  However, we have squeezed into smaller spaces.


How long does it take you to set up and is this included in the timings?

It takes no longer than ten minutes to set the whole quartet up.  We normally arrive at least thirty minutes before we are due to play and this is not included in the length of time that you are paying for.


Do you play continuously?

The Quartet members have to take a short break every hour just to have a breather but breaks can be tailored to fit in to your requirements, eg. When speeches are being made or photographs are being taken.


What if one of your players is ill on the day that I have booked you?

We have a large pool of professional players, all of whom are used to playing in the Quartet and are well rehearsed.  If one or more of our regular players is unavailable on the day that you have requested, they are substituted with another player of equal capability.  Our performance will not be affected.


Can you stay for extra time if required?

This is not always possible as we may have another booking to go to or, indeed, childcare to sort out!  However, we are always open to being asked and we may be able to stay for an extra amount of time, charged at £50 per half hour extra.


Can you play outside?

The Quartet can only play outside under certain weather conditions.  In bright sunshine we need to be under shade as the instruments will suffer in heat.  We cannot play in rain, drizzle or damp weather and it is not always easy in high winds or if it is too cold!


Can I book a string duo or trio instead?

Whilst we are able to divide into a smaller group of string duo or trio (and we do have music available for these combinations) the repertoire for both duo and trio is reduced and we do not have the vast range of pieces that are available for string quartet.  Of course, the sound is also slightly ‘thinner’ too but duos and/or trios do have their place in smaller venues and with fewer guests.  A demo is available on request.

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